This page will hopefully demystify many of the terms thrown around in the coffee world or you can just go to Wikipedia.

What is a coffee bean?  It is just a seed from the fruit of the coffee tree.

Coffee is a fruit? Why, yes it is. The pulp is tossed and we keep the pits.



Here is a diagram spelling out the structure of the coffee cherry.



How is coffee processed? There are three ways: natural, honey, and washed.

Natural process? The cherry is dried whole on racks.

Honey process? The cherry skin and pulp are removed mechanically leaving a small amount of pectin or mucilage. This sticky mess of beans in their hull/parchment is then dried on racks.

Washed process? The cherry skin, pulp, and mucilage are removed by mechanical, water, and fermentation.

The above processes are done for one reason. That is to get to the bean.

Why differing processes? To bring out the attributes of the bean in your cup of coffee.

What is liberica?

What is Robusta?

Then Arabica?

Why do our bags have 14 ounces? This is because my roaster has the capacity of 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) and with ~20% loss during roasting the end result is 28 ounces of roasted coffee beans. Divide that by 2 and you get 14 ounces.


A brief history of coffee coming soon.

The Science of Coffee coming soon.

Flavors of Coffee coming soon.