About Us

About Us

Venture Coffee Company, located in Denver, Colorado, imports and roasts Specialty Coffee from the Philippines.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Venture Coffee Company is to import specialty coffee beans to the United States from small farming communities in the Philippines.  We engage in fair trade ethics with our coffee farmers, their communities and cooperative processing organizations, and create and utilize sustainable farming practices to protect the health and well-being of our farmers, their families and the environment.  

Our Goals

  • Introduce the United States to the exceptional quality of coffee from the Philippines.
  • Tell the story of the Filipino coffee farming community.
  • Rather than engaging with large coffee brokers, Venture deals directly with local Filipino coffee communities and cooperative organizations.
  • Create Demonstration Coffee Farms throughout the Philippines that use sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming practices and provide a high quality of life for the people who live in these villages.
  • Work towards gender equity in the communities that grow our coffee.
  • Conduct our business in a transparent manner that promotes fair trade ethics and pricing.
  • Build better understanding and peace among the many cultural, religious and political communities in the Philippines.
  • Provide our American customers with a greater appreciation for the people and culture of the Philippines.

Michael Beck – Owner/President

First off, I am 1/4 Filipino as my Grandmother was born and raised in Jolo, Sulu before moving to the States. This small bit of heritage drew me to Philippine Coffee when preparing to make my second foray into the work force. I had a solid career in the Safety and Environmental world working in Houston and Austin. Our children along with a move to Colorado enabled me to become a stay-at-home Dad for 16 years.

How did my coffee journey begin? Back in the 80’s my family had a Krups espresso maker that I tasted my first coffee from. A few years out of college, an opportunity arose to spend time in Costa Rica. I came home with kilos of fresh roasted coffee that tasted amazing. A move to Austin brought me into the coffee shop culture with places like Ruta Maya, Spider House, Flipnotics, Sweetish Hill, and Upper Crust.  Coffee had become a part of me.

I roasted my first green coffee beans over an open fire while camping using a pie tin. The beans were scorched and smoky but made a drinkable cup of cowboy coffee. A move to cast iron on the stove gave the understanding of the roast stages. Then it was on to the hot air popper where I learned how to burn coffee. I graduated to a Behmor before purchasing an Aillio Bullet r1. It has been a progression. I have learn much but still have much to learn.

I hope you will follow me on this journey to connect to my Philippine roots and bring you excellent specialty coffee. Salamat!

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I woke up this morning looking forward to trying my first cup of Venture coffee. It didn’t disappoint! I found the coffee to be flavorful and probably the smoothest cup of java I have ever had in my life (and that’s a lot of cups). I really like your mission and directly helping coffee growers of the Philippines. More power to you!

  2. Excellent coffee! I love trying out new coffees, and have really enjoyed the Dark Roast and Church blends. Both are delicious cups (especially in a French Press). They are so smooth and have great flavor. Next up I am trying the Espresso blend.

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