Tribung Kape, Inc.

Venture Coffee Company is proud to be partnering with Tribung Kape, Inc. in the Philippines to provide the following services:

The overarching objective of Tribung Kape, Inc is to provide stable economic development in coffee producing areas that
provide more reliable and differentiated revenue to farmers than the current commodity price coffee

1. Export Services
Tribung Kape, Inc. will provide export services for specialty coffee grown in the Philippines.
a. These services include:
i. Assisting the farmer to harvest their crop for the highest quality bean
ii. Assisting the farmer to process their crop for the highest quality bean
iii. Direct or coordinate packaging of processed specialty coffee to maximize
shipability, freshness, while labeling adherent to ICO labeling requirements
and other governmental regulations
iv. Manage the logistics of the coffee by third party transport (eg., trucks,
vehicles) to arrive at an export locations for consolidation and destination
v. Appropriate insurance and transport responsibility documents per the pre-
negotiated contracting scenario for hand off to export broker company, a
separate entity from Tribung Kape, Inc.
vi. Coordination with export Broker for expedient and cost effective shipment to
the required destination.

2. Domestic Coffee Services
a. Logistics
i. For exportation
ii. For sales to local coffee roasters
b. Assist in the processing of red/ripe cherries to ensure quality for small lot coffees
c. Tribung Kape, Inc. will source and sell roasted coffee directly to local and domestic
buyers to expand demand for locally sourced specialty coffee.

3. Eco Tourism
a. Connecting consumers with the farmers at origin
b. Creating tourism to unvisited areas
c. Exposing more individuals to Philippine coffee

4. Cacao Services
a. Provide export services
b. Provide knowledge and processing