Fructifero Farm is located on the slopes of Mt. Kalatungan in the Bukidnon Region of Mindanao. Ms. Jean Abear shared that they have been in coffee farming for around 25 years.

When asked if coffee farming has a bright future in the Philippines,

Ms. Jean wrote – ” Yes, there is a bright future for our coffee industry if the government or Department of Agriculture will provide funding for us farmers to help us improve the quality of our coffee. Filipino consumers should learn how to patronize our local products”.

The Farm is run by Jean and her family where they grow coffee, sugar cane, abaca, and other crops. The elevation of the Farm is 1200-1300 Masl.

Fructifero Farms offers Native and Giant Robusta, Arabica Catimor, Yellow and Red Borbon/Bourbon, Excelsa and Liberica

☑️4500 Coffee trees of Arabica

☑️750 trees of Arabica

☑️150 trees Liberica/Excelsa

Venture Coffee Company is offering Arabica and Robusta from Fructifero Farms. These limited quantity coffees are expected to stand out with unique flavors.

Species: Arabica

Varietal: Catimor/Yellow Bourbon/Red Bourbon

MASL: 1300

Process: Natural

Roast Profile: Medium

Flavor Profile: Sugar Cane, Strawberry

Species: Robusta

MASL: 1300

Process: Natural

Roast Profile: Dark

Flavor Profile: Molasses, Cacao 


  • Quantity 1 sack weighing 110 pounds of Arabica
  • Quantity 1 sack weighing 110 pounds of Robusta

“Yes po may magandang future po ang coffee industry ng bansa kung ang pamahalaan or ang DA ay magbibigay ng pondo para dito upang ma-improve, at dapat ang kapwa Pilipino matutong mag-patronize sa sariling produkto.
-Jean Abear