IMDALSA Agrarian Reform Cooperative

IMDALSA Agrarian Reform Cooperative assists the coffee farmers located at the base of Mt. Kitanglad in the Bukidnon Region of Mindanao.

IMDALSA provides a processing facility that can accommodate washed, honey, and natural processed coffees. Elevated beds are used for drying the beans in an enclosed facility. This allows the beans to dry without being affected by the weather.

IMDALSA has all the machinery required for pulping the red coffee cherries and dehulling the parchment. There is a room dedicated to the sorting of coffee into the differing grades.

This coffee was grown by Arnel Garciano (Orange Jacket) on a .5 hectare in the Talakag region of the Bukidnon. Arnel got into coffee for the livelihood of the family along with education of his children. The coffee trees are inter-cropped with vegetables.

Arnel is continually add new coffee trees to his farm. He works with Imdalsa for seedling for planting materials.

Buy Roasted Coffee from the Farmers of IMDALSA

  • Origin: Talakag, Bukidnon
  • Variety: Arabica (Red Bourbon)
  • Process: Natural
  • MASL: 1800
  • Recommended Roast: Light to Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Cacao, Dried Berries, Hints of Floral