Welcome to Venture Coffee Company’s wholesale coffee page.

Our business objectives importing specialty coffee from the Philippines along with economic development for coffee producing regions. The goal is to provide reliable and high quality specialty coffee from the Philippines  for you to serve to your customers. All of our coffees have scored above an 80 during the grading process. This grading process happens multiple times with the assistance of CQI, ACDI/VOCA, and the Philippine DTI.

The two main regions for arabica coffees are the Cordillera Region of the Island of Luzon and the Island of Mindanao.  Both regions offer a distinct flavor profile. Currently, most coffees available are from mirco lots which allow Venture Coffee Company to obtain high quality coffee beans.

Our offerings include both green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans. Let us know how we can assist you.

The partner company of Venture Coffee Company is Tribung Kape which can source coffee from all regions of the archipelago. Tribung Kape is also positioned to aid in the  exportation  process.

Please Contact info@venturecoffeecompany.com