Venture Coffee Company’s wholesale coffee page.

Importing specialty coffee from the Philippines is the basis for Venture Coffee Company. Our goal is to provide high quality specialty coffee along with providing economic development for coffee producing regions. A reliable yet sustainable product drives us in order to best serve to your customers.

There are two main regions for growing arabica coffees in the Philippines. The most popular is the Cordillera Region of the Island of Luzon where the coffee is grown high in the mountains amongst the Pine and Ulna trees. The other popular region is Island of Mindanao due to the diverse nature of the geographic area where the coffee is grown. The areas of Mindanao that are known for arabica production include Mt Matutum, Mt Apo, and the Bukidnon.

All of the coffees are from micro lots done on spot purchases which allow Venture Coffee Company to obtain high quality coffee beans.

The coffees that will be available for purchase will be from areas in Mindanao that include: Mt Matutum, Mt Apo, Bukidnon, Compostela Valley, and South Cotabato. **Covid19 – the 2020 shipment has been delayed with a expected delivery date of July**

Our offerings include both green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans. Let us know how we can assist you.

Please Contact us directly at info@venturecoffeecompany.com

The partner company of Venture Coffee Company is Tribung Kape which can source coffee from all regions of the archipelago. Tribung Kape is also positioned to aid in the  exportation  process.